[Samba] I can't get Win10 clients to sync time with the DC

Viktor Trojanovic viktor at troja.ch
Sun Nov 17 10:37:43 UTC 2019

On 16.11.2019 23:37, Sonic wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 10:34 AM Viktor Trojanovic <viktor at troja.ch> wrote:
>> I think you may be confusing privileged with unprivileged containers,
>> what you describe is perfectly possible with a privileged container but
>> would be a bit more complicated to set up with an unprivileged one
>> (since the user id's in the container would be different from the ones
>> on the host).
> Oh yes, you're right. I am running privileged containers. LXC
> containers using Debian (both host and containers).
>> It seems like this would be worth a shot if no one else comes up with a
>> better solution. I never used chrony before, how do you tell it not to
>> try and change the system time? Can you share your whole conf file?
> I want it to keep (update/change if/when needed) the system time -
> it's running on the host OS, not in the container. I'm just placing
> the socket inside the container so that samba can also use the socket.
> I was using ntpd but switched to chrony for no specific reason. I'm
> guessing either would work.
> chrony.conf:
> ===========================
> pool us.pool.ntp.org iburst
> keyfile /etc/chrony/chrony.keys
> driftfile /var/lib/chrony/chrony.drift
> logdir /var/log/chrony
> maxupdateskew 100.0
> directive.
> hwclockfile /etc/adjtime
> directive.
> rtcsync
> makestep 1 3
> local stratum 8
> manual
> allow
> bindcmdaddress
> ntpsigndsocket /mnt/containers/dc/rootfs/usr/local/samba/var/lib/ntp_signd
> ===========================
> As can be seen the socket for chrony, which is running on the host, is
> inside the container (/mnt/containers/dc/rootfs/), both the host OS
> and the container OS have access to it.
> Chris

I'm not sure I understand your setup. It seems like you are running 
Chrony on the host only and you just share the socket with the 
container, no chrony running there. So, how can clients query the DC for 
time? I thought it's the time service (chrony/ntp) that sends the time 
to the clients, not Samba itself... or did I get that wrong?


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