[Samba] Newby questions about using samba

William Lugg luggw1 at risebroadband.net
Sat Nov 16 16:07:14 UTC 2019

Yes, I created the unix user and a Samba user as instructed in the Wiki.

According to the package manager, my Samba version is 4.7.6.  Would you 
say upgrading is still in order?

The test I mentioned was entirely using Linux machines.  I first tried 
using smbclient from the Linux server machine (I'm not sure if this 
would actually work, but it seems like it should) and I also tried it 
from another Linux machine running the same version of Samba that 
yielded the same results.  After all that I did try the Win10 machine 
too and found it failed as well.

Enabling SMB1 had no effect, the error is "The network path was not 
found."  Based on these errors, it really doesn't sound like a failure 
to log in, it sounds to me more like the share is simply not visible to 
the other machines on the network, regardless of the OS they are 
running.  I am stumped as to why this isn't working.

FWIW, in doing some reading, I see that SMB1 is a security risk on 
Win10, so I'm disabling it for now.  I'd like to focus on getting Samba 
working on Linux to Linux communications first; Win10 would be the icing 
on the cake, so to speak.

Thanks for the help.
Bill Lugg

On 11/16/19 1:30 AM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> OK, if I remove the default lines from your smb.conf, it becomes this:
> [global]
>     log file = /var/log/samba/%m
>     log level = 1
> [guest]
> [data_server]
>     path = /home/sambashare
>     read only = no
> You may as well remove [guest], it is doing nothing.
> Did you create a Samba user with 'smbpasswd -a username' and did 
> 'username' exist as a Unix user ?
> It is possible your problem is because, whilst your version of Samba 
> is using ntlm auth, your Win10 machine isn't, turn on SMBv1 on your 
> Win10 to confirm this.
> As your Linux Mint machine appears to be using Samba 4.3.11 (which is 
> EOL as far as Samba is concerned), you might want to upgrade.
> Rowland

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