[Samba] Windows server parameter equivalent to “server schannel = no”

Pablo Sanz Fernández psanz at empre.es
Thu Nov 14 19:48:29 UTC 2019


We have successfully upgraded from samba 4.4.3 to samba 4.9.13 as AD controller with your very helpfully advice.

When we finished the upgrade process, and with all servers fully working, including printer and shares servers, we did have to add the “server schannel = no” parameter to smb.conf because of a EMC Unity NAS that was giving secure channel error on user validation. After that change everything was working great.

Now we want to add to that samba 4.9.13 AD domain a Windows 2008R2 as additional domain controller. And is happening again the same “secure channel” errors on the EMC Unity NAS.

Do you know what is the equivalent parameter in the windows server registry for the samba “server schannel = no”?


Pablo Sanz

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