[Samba] Changes in Linux CIFS Kernel Module w.r.t. ACL features

Kraus, Sebastian sebastian.kraus at tu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 14 08:35:10 UTC 2019

I passed by the changelog for the Linux CIFS Kernel Module at https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/LinuxCIFSKernel.
The following two sections caught my attention:

>> 4.19 Kernel (69 changesets, module version 2.13)

>>Allow cifs.ko to be built with insecure dialects disabled (vers=1.0 and vers=2.0 not allowed). Add support for snapshot 
>> mounts (specifying "snapshot=" on the mount allows a previous version of the share to be mounted, read-only). Bug fixes 
>> including improving statfs output; support for ACLs when using vers=3.1.1; Allow displaying count of "slow" responses 
>> (greater than 1 second). Add additional commonly requested tracepoints (e.g. for reconnections, session expiration, slow 
>> requests). Improve performance of statfs (add support for compounding of query_fs calls). 

My question: Which ACL support does it refer to?

>> 4.13 Kernel (24 changesets)

>> Default dialect changed to SMB3 (from CIFS). SMB3 support added for "cifsacl" mount option (and can now emulate
>> retrieving mode from ACL in SMB3). Bug fixes. 

My question: This enables full support for mapping of CIFS/NTFS ACLs to/from Linux file permission bits as with CIFS/SMBv1?

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