[Samba] Tracking of SAMBA users activity

Jean-Louis Renaud jean_louis.renaud at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 12 17:38:58 UTC 2019



I would like to know if there is a SAMBA feature () that tracks users'
login/logout (by name and not by IP address) accessing the shares.
Maybe by using Unix command lines, do you know into which log files these
information are stored in ?


"Share ID" Date Time "Username" logged in
"Share ID" Date Time "Username" logged off


I tried to grep "username" in log files stored in /var/log without results.

I also tried to use the "log level = 1 auth_audit: 3" option in the smb.conf
file, reloaded the configuration file in samba "smbcontrol all
reload-config", restarted the samba server "systemctl restart smbd .service
" but all log files generated in /var/log/samba are completely empty.


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