[Samba] Windows 10 Client Hangs at Login (maybe off topic)

Paul R. Ganci ganci at nurdog.com
Wed Nov 6 22:46:43 UTC 2019

I have a strange problem that I have not been able to resolve. On 
October 25, 2019 I took a laptop off my domain for 10 days while 
traveling. When I arrived back home and placed the laptop back on the 
domain I ran into the problem where domain logins hang at the spinning 
wheel. So to work around the problem I re-imaged to a date prior to 
leaving for 10 days. Once I did that domain logins worked ... the first 
time. On a second login the hang at the spinning wheel occurred again. 
So thinking something in the user profile became corrupted I restored 
from backup a user profile for a user having the problem. Sure enough 
the user could login again. However after he logs out and then attempts 
to log back in the domain login hang occurs again. This problem is 
becoming very frustrating because there is no reason that I can see as 
to why the hang should occur. My web search seems to indicate that this 
is a common problem for many people but there is no definitive solution 
that I can find. The only relief occurs if I restore a profile from back 
in October and then a single login will work once again. Has anybody 
else had this problem and is there a permanent solution? I am grateful 
for any clues. Thanks.

Paul (ganci at nurdog.com)
Cell: (303)257-5208

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