[Samba] samba performance when writing lots of small files

thoralf schulze t.schulze at tu-berlin.de
Wed Nov 6 14:18:24 UTC 2019

hi Stefan / all,

resurrecting this thread …

On 9/26/19 9:19 PM, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
> try to use a newer version of Samba 4.7 is already outdated. The Problem
> the smb-protocol and not Samba it self. As Steve French mentioned on the
> last SambaXP it will be much better with Linux 5.x. So maybe you try a
> new kernel

root at plattentest:~# uname -a
Linux plattentest 5.3.0-18-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 8 20:14:06 UTC
2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
root at plattentest:~# dpkg -l samba
ii  samba          2:4.10.7+dfsg-0ubuntu3 amd64        SMB/CIFS file,
print, and login server for Unix
root at plattentest:~# time for s in $(seq 0 9999); do echo $s >
/tubfs/test/10.000/test-$s; done # this directory is a cephfs mount

real	0m5.921s
user	0m0.515s
sys	0m0.861s
root at plattentest:~# time for s in $(seq 0 9999); do echo $s >
/mnt/10.000-cifs/test-$s; done # this is the former re-exported via samba

real    13m27.317s
user    0m0.881s
sys     0m6.326s
root at plattentest:~# cat /etc/samba/smb.conf
        kernel change notify = no
        change notify = no
        read raw = Yes
        write raw = Yes
        guest ok = yes
        force user = root
        writeable = yes
        aio read size = 1
        aio write size = 1
root at plattentest:~# mount | grep test
//localhost/test on /mnt type cifs
root at plattentest:~#

mounting the share with cache=loose, nostrictsync and noblocksend adds
another minute, adding "aio write behind = *" to the share definition
does next to nothing. neither cpu nor ram are bottlenecks.

thank you very much & with kind regards,

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