[Samba] administrator on a samba file server

Frédéric Goudal frederic.goudal at bordeaux-inp.fr
Tue Nov 5 12:50:08 UTC 2019


I have the following problem and I don’t find any documentation : 

I have an Active Directory domain.
I have setup a samba server, that I want to use as a file server.
The samba server has joined the domain, I use winbind and when I do a getent passwd <user> I have the correct informations for « standard » users. 
I use the uidNumber active directory attribute to the the uid of the user, this is working.

What I want to do is to copy files from a windows file server to the new samba server without losing the acl on the files.

To do that I guess I should use the domain administrator login to connect from the windows server to the samba server and than copy the files.
But I can’t find any informations on how to connect as a domain administrator on the samba file server, and I guess the uid of the administrator should be 0 on the samba file server.

I guess it’s a common problem, but I’m a bit lost.

Thanks in advance.


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