[Samba] samba-tool group removemembers, not working

Denis Cardon dcardon at tranquil.it
Tue May 28 09:04:01 UTC 2019

Hi Mark,

> Because of other issues using ADUC, I tried to remove a domain member using:
>> samba-tool group removemembers "Domain Computers" MARKA\$
> Removed members from group Domain Computers
> As shown, it say it "Removed members", but ...
>> samba-tool group listmembers "Domain Computers"
> :
> :
> :
> :
> listmembers still shows the computer as a member of "Domain Computers". What's up with this?

"Domain Computers" is the primaryGroupID of AD joined computer (515). 
The computer object is a member not because it is listed in the group 
membership, but because of its primaryGroupID attribute. If you want to 
get it out of "domain computers", you have to change that attribute to 
something else.

You can test with a different group than "Domain computers" or "Domain 
computers", it will work as intended.

I admit that the message is misleading though. By the way, why do you 
want to remove that computer from "Domain Computers" group?



> Samba Version 4.8.2
> THX --Mark

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