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Sven Schwedas sven.schwedas at tao.at
Wed May 22 15:52:33 UTC 2019

On 22.05.19 15:31, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Hai, 
> Well, good that your more relax and releaved in pressure.. 
> Apoligies accepted. ;-), i know the fealing but do understand, we are trying to help out.. 
> As you know, it very frustration to ask the same things again, and you showing them again
> But now as you showed with all the configs. It is needed.. (sorry) 

Yeah, now that I have the time for it. That's why I posted them all.

> So I had a quick look, and you up to some changes. All are fixable, no worries,
> but it takes a bit of time and you need to be precise/accurate. 
> For example, 
> https://up.tao.at/u/samba/graz-dc-1b.info.txt 
> Hostname: graz-dc-1b
> DNS Domain:	
> FQDN: graz-dc-1b
> ipaddress:
> - Where is the DNS domain?  ( i'll add warning in the script there if its missing.) 


> Cause:  Checking file: /etc/hosts
> graz-dc-1b localhost
> - Which is wrong. 
> - I would have expected to see: 
> localhost
> ::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
> ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
> ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
>	graz-dc-1b.ad.tao.at graz-dc-1b


> And this one, i should not see that, execpt if its a dhcp thats failing. 
> And if you did disable IPv6, which you attempted, at least looks like it. 
>  inet6 fe80::b8de:f4ff:fe1e:11e5/64 scope link is on the interface, but the ipv6 parts where missing in /etc/hosts. 

No idea what systemd-networkd is even doing there. None of this is
intended… Fixed now.

> /etc/resolv.conf
> nameserver
> Only one DC? And you have 4.. 

For the record, that's not a DC, that's a dnsmasq on the firewall.
Requests for ad.tao.at and internal range RDNS requests are forwarded to
the samba servers, the rest goes to external servers.

DNSMasq is there to provide stuff not related to the samba domain, which
is mostly needed for client PCs. So switching over DCs and member
servers to using AD DCs directly is easy, but client PCs will need to
remain on DNSMasq. From what I've seen, all AD related queries resolve
fine with it, too.

> For every DC and per site, you have 2 sites correct? 

2 physical sites (192.168.17/24 and 192.168.16/24) in different subnets,
but they're organized as a single logical site in AD and VPN'd together
via default gateway.

> I suggest, per site, 2 DC of the same site, 1 DC of the remote as backup. 
> Look at this, explanation is below it. The DC1 with fsmo. 
> Now the 2 resolv.conf examples and /etc/hosts file, should make sure your hostname and dnsdomain is correct. 
> As shown per example this needs to be correct before we do anything else, and yes, fix this for every server. 

Should be fixed now.

> For the replication. 
> You see, i've kept in both resolv.conf files DC1 as first, you need this for the first replication. 
> After a reboot and at least 15 min-30 main waiting, on DC2, switch the DC1 and DC2 lines and set DC2 first. 
> And this is for every server needed. I wont hurt if DC1 stays first, but that could overload DC1 on DNS requests.

Shouldn't be an issue with how few clients are involved here, but I'll
keep an eye on it.

> For all DC's and members, all you need: ( i install krb5-user, define the REALM and keep everythings default. 
> So this is sufficient.  ( yes only that one default_realm line, others are defaults ) 
> /etc/krb5.conf
> [libdefaults]
>         default_realm = AD.TAO.AT
> Except, i noticed, 
> 	.tao.at = AD.TAO.AT
> 	tao.at = AD.TAO.AT
> That might need some more explanation why you added it.
> That helps me understanding your setup. SSO login with users email adresses maybe? 

Legacy setup had our domain on tao.at directly, I think we needed that
to smooth over the transition. But that was years ago and shouldn't be
needed any more.

> /etc/nsswitch.conf
> passwd:         files winbind
> group:          files winbind
> shadow:         files 			< winbind removed here. 

Fixed too, probably.

> /etc/samba/smb.conf
> 	ldap ssl = start tls
> 	ldap ssl ads = yes
> These are not supported in the AD setup. These are for an NT4DOM/ PDC/BDC setup with ldap. 

Might want to actually document that somewhere, this isn't clear from
either wiki nor manpage.

> And i like how you did split up the global part and the "real" server config part. 
> One im going to use also..  So noo, not only bad thin, also good things.. 
> I noticed also: 
> 	#FIXME: Temporary to fix PHP shit
> 	ldap server require strong auth = no
> # explain this to me, can offlist if needed. 

Some horribly obsolete PHP5 LDAP library breaks with SSL, as a
workaround we're SSH tunneling it until we can kill it. Which
*hopefully* should be sometimes this month anyway, so no point in fixing
it now.

> Because here, i think you forgot to also define /etc/ldap/ldap.conf 
> .. And i missed this in the script, i'll add this ..

Added as well.

> Last one, 
> [homes]
> 	msdfs root = yes
> 	msdfs proxy = \\graz-file\homes
> 	As per MS advice, \\graz-file.ad.tao.at\users
> You might hit a bug here because [homes] on the DC's is not really supported. 
> Better might be [users] but this one needs planning... before you change it. 
> You understand that..

I don't think we're even using it nowadays, so I've gutted it from all DCs.

> Installed packages:
> Missing attr 
> Which is a must install for the DC's. 

Should be fixed too.

> Now this was only 1 server but this is exact the same for all DC's 
> This must be corrected before we can even look at the DB replication problem. 
> Almost all server suffer from simular problems in the setup. 
> I suggest start with above. That is the base. 
> For the members, hosts resolv.conf nsswitch.conf krb5.conf all need to be fixed first. 
> Scary, yes, i understand, start with DC1_fsmo DC. 
> Do one at the time, check all the above, so make a checklist for this. 

They should be all modified accordingly now:


And now that business hours are over, also all restarted. I'll let them
do their thing overnight and check up on replication status tomorrow

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, / Best Regards,
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