[Samba] Moving home directories to another location leads to NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED listing

realShadowhunter at gmx.net realShadowhunter at gmx.net
Fri May 17 16:17:40 UTC 2019

I have a server and just finished building my raids. One of the partitions is supposed to house my home folders which I then want to share with my windows computers. Before I begin migration of all my data I created a user to test if I can move my home folders from /home/<user>over to the path /mnt/volume1/homes/<user>. The move worked without problems through usermod -m -d /mnt/volume1/homes user, just the access to the share stops working after the move.

I logged in to smbclient with the user and when I enter ls or dir all I get is NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED LISTING /*. I made sure the user has full control over the folder with setfacl -R -m u:<user>:rwx /mnt/volume1/homes/<user> in addition to being owner, for the user himself as well as the group. When I login to the smbclient accessing the original home folder in /home/<user> everything works like a charm.

I also tried (https://stackoverflow.com/a/50437580/3176132) but that didn't work either. I also found a post that suggested to execute sudo chcon -R -t samba_share_t /mnt/volume1/homes/<user> but that did not work.
My question: How do I have to create or move the homes shares to the position /mnt/volume1/homesand configure Samba so I can access them.

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