[Samba] Building on RHEL 8

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Fri May 17 03:44:09 UTC 2019

Good evening:

I've been trying to build up Samba on RHEL 8. My work is at:

I've run into a number of issues. One is that RHEL 8 does not have an
uptodate mocka. I've add a git submodule for that. Another is that
various python modules are missing: Again, I've added modules for
that. Another is that RHEL 8 introduced a very peculiar idea of a
"baseos" channel, with critical system tools such as python and
modules for RPM, that should not normally be touched or updated.
That's fine, but they failed to segregate the python modules for these
from the python modules for normal use, so they require some special
case handling for RHEL 8. OK, that's dealt with.

Mock, which I use extensively, is not yet available or configured for
RHEL 8, and most such compilation relies on EPEL and CentOS, neither
of which support release 8 yet. The repos at
https://tdawson.fedorapeople.org/epel8/ provide most of the missing

A working local repository for RHEL 8 that can work with mock and do
builds with takes some extra work. I publish a tool for that at
. I anticipate that the need for this will evaporate as soon as the
first CentOS 8 build is completed.

What is still biting me is that RHEL has elected to build two RPM's
from the same SRPM, one labeled "package-version-release.el8", and the
other named "package-version-release.module+el8+hashtag", and this is
making a mess out of library dependencies for "mock".  They've also
split the formerly single channel into one called "baseos" and one
called "appstream", and they overlap in a bunch of different ways,
with the module confusion wrapped on top.

Mock can't resolve the confusion for RHEL 8, which may be fixable with
mock updates, but right now my use of "mock" for Samba is blocked.

If anyone has ways to solve this, I'm all ears. It has me blocked right now.

Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>


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