[Samba] 4.10.2 not connecting to (old) NAS

Phil Dermott pdermott at rogers.com
Tue May 7 20:19:30 UTC 2019

I am running the PCLinux OS (kernel 5.10.12) and it has recently 
upgraded samba to 4.10.2.?? With the upgrade the connection to my NAS 
units have ceased to work.?? The NAS is a DLink DNS-343 (old but they 
work).?? I have five of them in my network and use them for secondary 
storage so only spin them up when I need them.

My last access to the NAS was about a month ago before the upgrade to 4.10.2

The description of the drive within the "Configuration Your Computer" 
app on PCLOS is:/
/?? Mount point: /mnt/DMediaV1
 ?? Device: //dmedia/Volume_1
 ?? Type: cifs
 ?? Options: vers=1.0,auto,user,username=%/

The fstab entry on the PCLOS machine for this unit is - 
///dmedia/Volume_1 /mnt/DMediaV1 cifs vers=1.0,user,username=% 0 0/ 
which was created prior to the upgrade.

The command used prior to the upgrade was "mount -t cifs 
//dmedia/Volume_1 /mnt/DMediaV1".?? After the upgrade it prompted for a 
password so added the username and password options but received the 
mount error(2): No such file or directory
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) and kernel 
log messages (dmesg)

The only thing in dmesg to the mount request is /[30072.589075] CIFS: 
Attempting to mount //dmedia/Volume_1/

I am able to connect to the share from both a Windows XP VM and from a 
QNAP NAS but am not able to connect to it from my PCLOS workstation.

It was suggested to use "sec=ntlm" by the PCLOS folks but that results 
in the same error above

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