[Samba] DNS Scavenging in Samba AD

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri May 3 07:37:54 UTC 2019


For now, disable this, its to me unclear what the current status is. 
Especialy on older zones. Which i also have, i've just checked this on my production env and straigt away also a crash. 

I've ask for a small update on bug #12451 

If more people want to use this and test this, yes please. 
Mail back : Samba version, and age of zones would be good info. 

log level 10 also, enable it, log it, backup the log so if needs we can request it. 



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] DNS Scavenging in Samba AD
> I read the 4.9 “Features added" release notes about newly 
> available DNS scavenging features, and the problem with 
> domains that were set up in earlier versions of samba AD.
> "It is now possible to enable scavenging of DNS Zones to 
> remove DNS records that were dynamically created and have not 
> been touched in some time.”
> “This support should however only be enabled on new zones or 
> new installations. Sadly old Samba versions suffer from BUG 
> #12451 <https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12451> and 
> mark dynamic DNS records as static and static records as dynamic. "
> I would really like to enable scavenging of old DNS records, 
> but my domain was set up on version 4.2.3 or some version 
> from that era.
> What can I do to prepare my DNS records to enable scavenging? 
> I’ve manually gone through all the host records and ensured 
> that manually created records for servers in the domain are 
> marked as static. However, I’m unsure about SRV records, and 
> other records that are marked with a timestamp but created by 
> Samba AD.
> Does the new scavenging feature effect any records in 
> _mcsds.* or _sites.* ?
> What is the exact danger to enable scavenging and can I 
> mitigate it through re-creating DNS records using versions 4.9+? 
> Thanks
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