[Samba] Attempts to Set Max Password Age in Samba Tool Fails

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Mar 30 16:27:47 UTC 2019

On Sat, 30 Mar 2019 11:07:35 -0500
Matthew Delfino <mdelfino.list.samba at knockinc.com> wrote:

> What was your configure line ?
> Assuming too much info is better than not enough, and hoping the
> context might help, here's my *upgrade* process:
> # cd /usr/local/src
> # wget
> https://download.samba.org/pub/samba/stable/samba-4.10.0.tar.gz (or
> whatever new version is posted) # tar -zxf samba-4.10.0.tar.gz # rm
> samba-4.10.0.tar.gz # ./configure --enable-fhs --prefix=/usr
> --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --mandir=/usr/share/man/
> --enable-debug # make # sudo service samba-ad-dc stop
> # sudo make install
> # sudo shutdown -r now
> This process has never failed me... Perhaps... until now?

I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 (yes I know you are using 16.04) and I am
trying to build 4.10.0, but I have just hit a problem, cmocka isn't
new enough.

> When upgrading to 4.10.0, verbiage about moving to Python 3 in the
> READ ME lead me to take the extra step of installing the packages
> outlined on the samba wiki page entitled,
> "Package_Dependencies_Required_to_Build_Samba," section, "Debian /
> Ubuntu." Apropos to the comment you left below, note that this page
> does not recommend the "python3-crypto" package.

The problem is, 4.10.0 is the first version that requires python3, so
the full list of required packages isn't really known, I guessed at
python3-crypto because python2-crypto is required for the python2
build. On Ubuntu 18.04, python3-crypto is installed by default.

> That's not me telling you that you're wrong because wiki page - I'm
> not that kind of dude. I'm just calling out that, if you're right,
> someone with Samba wiki editing powers would be a really cool if
> s/he'd add it to the list. ;-)

Once I know just what the dependencies are i.e. after I build Samba
4.10.0, I will ;-)

> Okay. I just got that "python3-crypto" package on my DCs. I'm going
> to start the long process of recompiling and reinstalling now to see
> if that helps. I'm going to send this email before doing so in case
> you're inclined to reply on the weekend with any insights from this
> message.
> I hope you're having a nice weekend.

I am :-)


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