[Samba] Questions on DRS replicate command

Julien Ropé jrope at linagora.com
Mon Mar 25 16:10:31 UTC 2019


I have some question about the command "samba-tool drs replicate" command.

On a server with a big number of objects to synchronize, the command 
makes a timeout error. Now it looks like the sync actually occurs.

I also see that there is an option to make the command asynchronous (not 
waiting for the result of the replication), but then I'm not sure how to 
confirm the process is complete and successful.

1) when the replication is synchronous, if the timeout occurs, is it 
actually interrupted or is it just the client side tool that gives up 
waiting for an answer ?

2) when you know the replication is going to be long, can you ask the 
command to wait for the end (no timeout) ?

3) when you use the --async-op option, how can you check when the 
command is complete ? Can you get a status for it, making sure it has 
actually succeeded ?



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