[Samba] Backup of shared data-files

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Mar 14 18:16:27 UTC 2019

I'd like to re-flag this.
I got a single reply - and wondered if there were any other approaches that I haven't considered - or if someone wants to detail their process.

Thanks again

Backup is currently a pretty hot topic - but most of the discussion I've seen has been around backup of the AD and not about files on a share.

However, if I'm backing up the files in a Samba share [and lets assume it's a Windows share, with the Windows ACLs] what's a good way to capture the files, AND the ACL data so I could drop that data back on another samba share, if disaster strikes and maintain the ACL data, as best possible. Having the files alone is nice, but if it takes me 6 additional hours [or a couple of days] to go through things and set/reset all the ACL's so people have the right access, well that's a problem. [Or at least a problem I need to plan for...]

[And yes, I understand that the AD back-end-data has to stay consistent for the ACLs to apply properly, but lets assume we're going to end up restoring the files to another share on a different AD server in the same domain.]

Does rsync work? 
Duplicati? [my favorite]

Thoughts or suggestions?
[A search didn't return much.]


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