[Samba] AD administrator can't administer

Denis Cardon dcardon at tranquil.it
Wed Mar 13 21:06:53 UTC 2019

Hi Robert,

> Over time I have ignored the fact that my AD administrator has stopped
> being able to administer. For example, the Ad administrator cannot install
> drivers or updates. Once a week now, I logout as workstation user and login
> as the "local administrator" to install drivers or run windows updates (in
> today's case a printer driver on the workstation.)
> Does this falls into that "gray area" between Samba and Windows OS (10Pro)?
> I am not sure where to post questions so, I am starting here.
> This seems to be a AD administrator permissions issue? Anyone else having
> this experience? Thoughts on how to correct this?

The administrator users is not necessarily local admin on workstation 
(and actually it shouldn't for security reasons). However it is the 
default setup if one has not messed up with the configuration.

By default "local administrators" group on a workstation has "domain 
admins" as a member, and "domain admins" has "administrator" account as 
a member.

So I guess you should check the membership of your "local 
administrators" group on your win10.




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