[Samba] Strange Excel Wine vers Issue - Sharing Violation

Neo Web neoweb at hackspherelabs.com
Wed Mar 13 18:39:03 UTC 2019

Hello Fellow Samba Users!

I have an issue that I have been trying to understand for a while, and
I have narrowed it down to different "vers=" mount types.

I have only seen this issue manifest itself on Linux clients
(Archlinux) running Microsoft Office in excel (Not that I have tried a
million others).  A year or two ago, I thought I solved it by
disabling oplocks, or at least messing with the oplock setting on an
openindiana NAS I was working with at the time.  Thinking back, I may
have just changed the vers client side like I had to do this time.  I
have been dealing with this for many years.

I have this strange issue that effects excel (Could be other MS
software too, I did not check).  I open a document, and when I go to
save it I get:  "Your changes could not be saved to "bla.xlsx' because
of a sharing violation.  Try saving to a differnet file."

I have spent some hours on trying to make this go away.  It does not
happen with windows clients.  At this time I am working with an
Archlinux client and FreeNAS server.  I am using crossover (commercial
wine) to run Office 2010.  The only way I could get the error to go
away was to set vers=1.0, and remove nounix if I have it from my mount
line.  I tried 2.1, 3.0, and 3.11.

It is a strange issue, that even happens when I disable oplocks.  I
have looked into how excel saves files, and it uses writes, renames,
and deletes.  Nothing special
I have noticed this issue gets worse and worse when I use newer Samba
vers options=.  Since I am using an Archlinux client I am always on
the latest version.

I would like to take the time to figure this out if someone could help
me by telling me what I need to do.  If someone already knows what is
going on, that works too!  Like I said, I have had this issue before,
but my most recent struggle with it started in August of last year
when I moved to FreeNAS, where I was able to use newer versions of

I have a post in the FreeNAS forum where no one has been able to help
here:  https://www.ixsystems.com/community/threads/smb-sharing-violation-linux-client-excel-2010.69421/

I think I have posted the issue in quite a few places...It is
frustrating getting help with this, because a lot of individuals
sarcastically answer stop using MS software on Linux.  While I can see
how there can be some compatibility issues with how Wine translates
paths to Office, they offer no path to actually trying to figure it

I did explore Wine paths and prefixes (configuration of the wine
enviroment, and how it maps drive letters and paths to the local file
system), but did not have any luck.

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