[Samba] replication fails

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Wed Mar 13 15:18:33 UTC 2019

Am 13.03.19 um 16:02 schrieb L.P.H. van Belle via samba:
> Greetings drama queen Stefan.... ;-)  hehe :-)) 


3000 errors ... I mean ... what?

> Yes, wait.. 
> Or reboot DC1, wait 5-10 min reboot DC2, wait 5-10 min. 
> The waiting can be shorter is the AD is not so big. 

~30 users: small

maybe I risk a DC1 reboot after 6pm
Not much time tmrw, so I am hesitating. Otherwise I'd like to have it
solved (again/for a a while).

> I suggest you have a look at this.  (Rowland, look away... ;-))
> A sample for a systemd setup, i'm working towards Debian Buster now, see : 
> https://release.debian.org/
> [2019-Mar-12] Bits from the Release Team: Debian 10 'buster' is frozen; let's get it in shape 
> This shows the change to systemd-networkd ( and timedate and timesyncd and resolv.conf setup ) 
> Get this script: 
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thctlo/debian-scripts/master/setup-systemd-networkd.sh
> The script does not change anything to your system, so its really save to use/test with it. 
> - It allows you to easy switch to a systemd-networkd setup and the script wil explain things for you.
> - It looks up the current settings and generated a systemd network file for you. 
>   The file is placed in the folder you run this. 
> - Its focused on LAN and ipv4 only, member and AD-DC servers in a LAN. 
> - It does backup the files :  /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf 
> - It generates the file : lan-addc-dev-eth0.network or lan-member-dev-eth0.network
>   Interface eth0 wil change to your systems its own interface automaticly.
> Config assumes the following for AD-DC 
> The server has 1 ip, 1 search domain and also the DNS and TIME servers.
> Config assumes the following for a member: 
> This server has 1 ip, 1 search domain and AD-DC's are also the DNS and TIME servers.
> And these servers are in a LAN and no ipv6 is used.
> Tested on Debian 9 servers. 
> Improvements, suggestions, well its on github.. 
> Or pm me. 

Will read and test, thanks!

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