[Samba] classicupgrade, net rpc rights grant NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT and NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Mar 11 06:44:29 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-03-11 at 07:16 +0100, Christian via samba wrote:
> Dear all,
> we are transitioning from an openldap / MIT KDC setup to a samba4 AD. I
> am doing this by setting up a samba NT4 domain, populating it from LDAP
> and sticking in the password hashes which I automatically extract from
> the MIT KDC arc4-hmac keys. Then I run the classicupgrade. I do this
> whole thing from cron in a script once a day to be able to slowly
> migrate services. The MIT / openldap and samba4 AD servers are on
> different machines. My script (based on LPHvB's instructions) sets
> privileges in the following way:
> [..]
> systemctl restart bind9 ntp samba-ad-dc
> sleep 5
> PRIVS="SeDiskOperatorPrivilege SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege \
> SeBackupPrivilege SeRestorePrivilege SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege \
> SePrintOperatorPrivilege SeAddUsersPrivilege SeDiskOperatorPrivilege \
> SeSecurityPrivilege SeSystemtimePrivilege SeShutdownPrivilege \
> SeDebugPrivilege SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege SeSystemProfilePrivilege \
> SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege \
> SeLoadDriverPrivilege SeCreatePagefilePrivilege \
> SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege SeChangeNotifyPrivilege SeUndockPrivilege \
> SeManageVolumePrivilege SeImpersonatePrivilege SeCreateGlobalPrivilege \
> SeEnableDelegationPrivilege"
> samba-tool user setpassword Administrator \
>   --newpassword="$SAMBA_NT_ADMIN_PASS"
> echo "$SAMBA_NT_ADMIN_PASS" | kinit Administrator
> for priv in $PRIVS ; do
>   while ! net rpc rights grant "${SAMBA_DC_ADMIN_GROUP_CHOICE}" $priv \
>             -U "Administrator%$SAMBA_NT_ADMIN_PASS" ; do
>     echo "Failed to grant $priv ... Retrying ..."
>     sleep 10
>   done
> done
> Upon running this, I often get NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR or
> Changed password OK
> Password for Administrator at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:
> Could not connect to server
> Connection failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
> Failed to grant SeDiskOperatorPrivilege ... Retrying ...
> Could not connect to server
> Connection failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
> Failed to grant SeDiskOperatorPrivilege ... Retrying ...
> Could not connect to server
> Connection failed: NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
> Failed to grant SeDiskOperatorPrivilege ... Retrying ...
> Successfully granted rights.
> Successfully granted rights.
> Successfully granted rights.
> Why would that happen? I can put in as much wait time as I want after
> the initial service restart, and it still happens. I obviously work
> around it by repeating until it proceeds, but I do not understand why
> this is necessary. Any hints would be appreciated... Thanks,

That certainly is strange, and perhaps the server-side logs or a
network trace might provide a clue.  I would however note that
privileges are not very important in AD because they are not
replicated.  Instead things tend to be provided by extended rights on
magic AD objects.

Perhaps avoid re-generating the whole AD and just migrate the changed
passwords?  A bit more fiddly but then things like GUIDs won't keepchanging. 

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