[Samba] Help with centos 7, samba, windows ACLs

Marco Gemignani marko.gem at inwind.it
Thu Mar 7 09:50:49 UTC 2019


i have a small server with centos 7 samba 4.8.3

done domain provision, joined some windows 10 PCs and i'm happy

i prefer manage it from RSAT and i created a lot of policy, and all seem 

main problem is how to set ACL on User folders, i'm unable to set share 
permissions from Windows on samba users share, when appy changes i 
receive an error like permission denied.

edited pam allowing domain user logon locally but i not know how i can 
give root privileges on Domain Admins user, i try a lot of 
configurations bu visudo and no reply, i think i'm unable to set 
permission because the user logged on windows have Domain Admins group 
but it not have root privileges on linux so cant' change samba config, i 

sorry for my bad english, any help will be apprecciated

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