[Samba] (no subject)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Mar 1 14:46:52 UTC 2019

> > > 
> > > At this point, I'm stumped. This is on a very fresh install, so it
> > > should be very easy to reproduce.
> > > 
> > > Is what I'm attempting to do a valid operation? Or is it 
> weird that
> > > realmd is trying to "join" the DC to the domain?
> > 
> > No, not strange, but realmd is "joining" the AD-DC and its trying
> > that with member settings. That wont work on the DC itself 
> ofcourse. 
> > 
> Not strange ? 
> He is trying to join the DC to the domain and it is already joined.

No, to me it's not strange that it errors out. 

The realmd command is to join a domain yes, it generated a new config and it used that, thats ok,
but he is running it ON the DC itself, or am i miss reading things here. 

So not strange it error out, if I i did read this correclty. 



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