[Samba] Mac OS & Folder Timestamps

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sun Jun 30 18:21:52 UTC 2019

On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 10:15:03PM -0400, Nico Kadel-Garcia via samba wrote:
> You have a Mac. As much as I appreciate Samba's power and
> sophistication, especially to replace Active Directory controllers
> with a powerful service today, do you have a compelling reason to use
> CIFS over NFS? NFS, as life turns out, may not be as performant. I
> acknowledge that CIFS has improved over time. But NFS mixed case
> filesystems correctly, which CIFS never will for legacy reasons. (You
> can't put two files in the same directory, one named "makefile" and
> the other named "Makefile".) And it can be notably less complex to

Well, that's not true for the planned SMB3+ UNIX extensions,
which will allow this to work. There's a test tree on samba.org
that implenents this and Steve French's SMB3 kernel client is implementing
the client-side of things. Steve (Samba Team member) works for Microsoft
now, so whilst this isn't an official Microsoft endorsement of these
changes, it is certainly a positive step for Linux.

We're being much more careful than we were with the gung-ho SMB1
UNIX extensions, paying much more attention to correctness and
security, but it's a glimpse of where we're planning to get to.

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