[Samba] W10, NT domain, profiles that work for some users and not for others...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Thu Jun 27 13:53:49 UTC 2019

As subject say, we are trying to ''integrate'' some W10 machine on a NT
domain, with samba as PDB/BDC, OpenLDAP backend.

profile share is defined as:

	comment = Network Profiles Share
	path = /srv/samba/profiles
	read only = No
	create mask = 0600
	directory mask = 0700
	store dos attributes = Yes
	browseable = No
	csc policy = disable
	root preexec = /etc/samba/createprofile "%u"

where clearly '/etc/samba/createprofile' is the script that create the
various '<loginname>.VX' folders.
This share worker flawlessy for XP, worked too for Win7, but have some
strange behaviour for W10.

For some users, W10 complain about 'roaming profile does not work,
using a temp profile' an save NOTHING on '.V6' folder.
For another user ('casually' on domain administrator group ;) profile
work as expected.

I've put log level to 5 and tried to find something relevant; the only
thing i've got is:

[2019/06/27 15:27:59.536724,  5] ../source3/lib/username.c:181(Get_Pwnam_alloc)
  Finding user profile
[2019/06/27 15:27:59.536745,  5] ../source3/lib/username.c:120(Get_Pwnam_internals)
  Trying _Get_Pwnam(), username as lowercase is profile
[2019/06/27 15:27:59.536763,  5] ../source3/lib/username.c:141(Get_Pwnam_internals)
  Trying _Get_Pwnam(), username as uppercase is PROFILE
[2019/06/27 15:27:59.536780,  5] ../source3/lib/username.c:153(Get_Pwnam_internals)
  Checking combinations of 0 uppercase letters in profile
[2019/06/27 15:27:59.536796,  5] ../source3/lib/username.c:159(Get_Pwnam_internals)
  Get_Pwnam_internals didn't find user [profile]!

but appear equally for working and nonworking users. ;-)

Some hint on loglevel to set, to better spot the trouble? Thanks.

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