[Samba] SMB share access for machines which are not joined to the domain?

Goetz, Patrick G pgoetz at math.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 25 20:07:33 UTC 2019

On 6/25/19 12:57 PM, Gregory Sloop via samba wrote:
> Hmmm...
> Use the netbios name, instead of a FQDN, perhaps?
> i.e.: \\cns-bio-krak1\emtifs
> [I'm assuming the NB name. If I'm wrong, correct it.]
> I know I've done this with Windows DC shares, and I'm 99% certain I've done it with FreeNAS acting as a domain member. [Samba domain member.]

I didn't include these examples, but we tried both the NETBIOS name and 
the IP address of the Samba server; neither worked.

I am still unclear on this and would love to get clarification:  Forget 
about sssd.  If I run winbind, can I mount SMB shares from a domain 
member to a non-domain machine using a domain user account?  If so, I 
can try setting up a "pure Samba" machine which NFS mounts the 
appropriate directories and then SMB shares them to the non-domain hosts.

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