[Samba] Connection time-out opening documents since system update and reboot - update

Daniel Botting daniel.botting at codethink.co.uk
Mon Jun 24 14:10:07 UTC 2019


Since my original post additional testing has been carried out as below:

1/ Connecting via a wired ethernet connection - no difference.

2/ SFTP - works as expected.

3/ SCP - works as expected.

A small file of 414 bytes open as expected, anything bigger hangs.

The through-put has been checked on the ethernet port and is as expected 
using the above protocols.

I have run the command 'smbstatus' to obtain the process id and then run 
a strace:

strace -fttv -p <process id>

It just hangs as below finally:

10:46:59.153083 write(9, " send_file_readX fnum 51715 max"..., 49) = 49
10:46:59.153133 writev(16, 
iov_len=1086}], 1

It eventually advises it has timed out in the client program opening the 

If anybody has any thoughts why this is occurring and assistance they 
can suggest, that would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Subject: 	Connection time-out opening documents since system update and 
Date: 	Thu, 20 Jun 2019 18:56:08 +0100
From: 	Daniel Botting <daniel.botting at codethink.co.uk>
To: 	samba at lists.samba.org

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday after an update of our office file server (apt packages and 
then a reboot) most documents time-out when they are opened, host 
specifics below:

Distribution        :    Debian 9.9

Samba version   :    4.5.16-Debian


Jun 20 10:09:26 hostname smbd[19246]: [2019/06/20 10:09:26.216093,  0] 
Jun 20 10:09:26 hostname smbd[19246]:   send_keepalive failed for client 
ipv4:<internal range ip address>:50324. Error Broken pipe - exiting

smbd.log (is repeated on multiple occasions)

pid_to_procid: messaging_dgm_get_unique failed: No such file or directory

Please advise if you have seen this issue before and possible steps to 

Many thanks


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