[Samba] Using a backslash as winbind separator

Stefan Froehlich samba at froehlich.priv.at
Sun Jun 23 12:21:54 UTC 2019

Completly separated from the other thread I have a minor question
about the "winbind separator" configuration. If I want to use the \
as a separator (and I do), how should this be reflected in smb.conf?
The only thing which came to my mind and worked is quoting the
backslash with another one:

| winbind separator = \\

Only trouble is that testparm(1) returns:

| ERROR: the 'winbind separator' parameter must be a single character.

I would happily ignore this, however the Debian package configurator
relies on testparm(1) to succeed. This leads updates failing as soon
as samba is included in the package list (and having to change
smb.conf back and forth in order to succeed).


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