[Samba] dual boot challenge

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Jun 21 11:58:05 UTC 2019

On 21/06/2019 12:13, Andreas Habel via samba wrote:
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>> On 21/06/2019 11:37, Andreas Habel via samba wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> my test setup currently consists of the following:
>>> 1 Linux AD DC
>>> 1 Linux file server as AD member
>>> 1 test pc with Win10/CentOS7 in dual boot mode
>>> Domain users have one home directory for each operating system (
>> /users/<username> for Windows and /users/<username>/Linux for Linux) on
>> the file server. The corresponding fields in the user database (homeDrive,
>> unixHomeDirectory, homeDirectory) are set.
>>> The Windows 10 installation works fine - the PC belongs to the domain,
>> domain users can login, get their home drive mounted and have a roaming
>> profile.
>>> I am facing a problem with the CentOS installation. I installed samba
>> according to the wiki
>> (https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_Samba_as_a_Domain_Member).
>> After adding the CentOS installation to the domain, the Windows
>> installation - naturally - got kicked out of the domain and users were no
>> longer able to log in due to a broken trusted relationship.
>>> Is there a way to solve this elegantly, i.e. using AD for authentication
>> of (the same) users under Windows and Linux in a dual boot setup?
>> You say that you are 'dual booting', this means (as you can only be
>> running one OS at once) that they should be treated as two separate
>> computers unless you have done something strange like using the same
>> short hostname for the Windows PC and the Unix PC.
>> Rowland
> Yes, you're right -- since it is the same hardware, we've always used the same hostname.
> OK, I use a different hostname now -- how should this one be added to the DNS? As a new A record or as a CNAME record? IP address is the same on Windows and Linux.
> Andreas
Would you have two computers with the same short hostname & ipaddress on 
the same subnet ?

No, I didn't think you would ;-)

I would set the two computers (that are actually the same computer) to 
have different hostnames and IP's. Leave the domain and then join the 
domain from each totally separate computer.

There is a further way you could do this, delete the Windows partition, 
grow the Linux partitions to take up all the space and then reinstall 
Windows in a VM on the Linux OS. then treat each as a separate computer.


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