[Samba] Samba internal dns server vs Bind

Pisch Tamás pischta at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 06:26:31 UTC 2019

Thank you all, for the answers.
>>> What are you thinking to transfer the zones to ?
>> I try to explain, why I asked the question. Now we have NT4 style
>> Samba domain, with ldap backend, and Bind. We have two sites, they are
>> connected through VPN. On the servers, Bind configured as
>> master-slave. On every site, there is a master, for their own domain,
>> and they are each others' slave. As I know, this is zone transfer.
>> I want to set up the servers from scratch now for the AD (I know that
>> there would be the classicupgrade option).
>>>> Is it true that Samba's internal dns server won't good for that, and
>>>> I need Bind, because of Bind's zone transfer feature?
>>> I don't see the connection with zone transfers.
>>> At the small scale either will work fine.
>> Our network is not so big. If Samba internal dns server can handle our
>> needs, I don't want to set up Bind now. If I will be able to
>> ping/reach host1.domain.ourdomain.com from host2.site2.ourdomain.com
>> (and, most importantly, dc3.site2.ourdomain.com and
>> dc1.domain.ourdomain.com can reach each others), with Samba internal
>> dns server, it is enough for me.
>> Maybe I misunderstand something about zone transfer.
>Then the answer is easy ;-)
>When you set up the AD domain, use the internal DNS server, if
>everything works to your satisfaction, then carry on, but if you have
>dns problems or feel you need Bind9, then you can easily upgrade to Bind9.

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