[Samba] libwbclient vs. libwbclient-sssd

Goetz, Patrick G pgoetz at math.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 18 22:24:04 UTC 2019

Can someone explain what libwbclient.so.0 does?

On Ubuntu 18.04, the libwbclient0 package is a dependency of cifs-utils 
and anything winbind related.  They also include a package called 
libwbclient-ssd; the difference seems to most in the location of the 

root at kraken:~# dpkg -L libwbclient0

root at roadrunner:~# dpkg -L libwbclient-sssd

Originally we thought our problems with sssd + Samba were related to 
this library, but turns out this appears to be unrelated:  I can mount 
shares with either library installed (and haven't tried installing both 
on the same machine.

This begs the question, what is this needed for and why is there a 
separate (and apparently largely undocumented) version specific to sssd?

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