[Samba] domain online backup

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Tue Jun 18 12:02:36 UTC 2019


On 18-6-2019 12:57, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> I have just tried this as root and it worked for me:
> samba-tool domain backup online --server=dc4 --targetdir=/backup 
> -Urowland at samdom.example.com
> When I tried to run it as normal user, it threw an error because the 
> user wasn't allowed access to the backup dir, allowing the user access 
> cured this and it then worked:
> SAMDOM\rowland at dc4:/root$ samba-tool domain backup online --server=dc4 
> --targetdir=/backup -Urowland at samdom.example.com
> I get asked for the users password before anything happens, I don't get 
> asked again.

I can confirm that here.

My question was really why it works for one user, and not for another. 
Both are Domain Admins, and it makes no difference if I use kerberos or 

After upgrading next week, I'll try latest 4.10 and also the offline backup.


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