[Samba] Samba + sssd deployment: success and failure

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jun 12 16:10:27 UTC 2019

On 12/06/2019 16:55, Goetz, Patrick G via samba wrote:
> On 6/12/19 7:00 AM, Rowland penny wrote:
>> How are you actually running samba ?
>> 	How are you actually running samba ?
> I *think* setting
>      security = user
>      server role = auto
> makes Samba run as a standalone server, which is fine, because
> authentication is handled via /etc/nsswitch.conf:
>     passwd:         compat systemd sss
>     group:          compat systemd sss
>     shadow:         compat sss
>     gshadow:        files

Why are you using sssd on a standalone server ?

your users will be in /etc/passwd and the Samba database, I don't think 
sssd can talk to the Samba database.

>> Aside:  Looks like the Samba team had a PPA for daily releases which was
>> abandoned about a year ago: what happened with that?
>> Didn't know we had one, care to post a link ?
> Here is the link:
> https://launchpad.net/~samba-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages
That is extremely old and looks like it was something Jelmer used.


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