[Samba] SAMBA AD VFS:Recycle bad permissions

Tomáš Havlín thavlin at spel.cz
Mon Jun 10 07:51:01 UTC 2019

my smb.conf + working and no working ACL share folders

netbios name = FENIX
realm = PFCZ.INTRA
server role = active directory domain controller
workgroup = PFCZ
idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
dns forwarder =

unix extensions = no
wide links = yes
follow symlinks = yes
bind interfaces only = yes
interfaces = lo eno1
max log size = 150000

path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol/pfcz.intra/scripts
read only = No

path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol
read only = No

[share] - working VFS:recycle, original share
     path = /mnt/data1/share
     read only = no

[XXX] - no working VFS:recycle, testing share
     path = /mnt/data1/XXX
     read only = no
     vfs object = recycle
     recycle:repository = .deleted
     recycle:keeptree = yes
     recycle:touch = yes
     recycle:version = yes
     recycle:maxsize = 0
     recycle:exclude = *.tmp
     recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp

best regards

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Předmět: Re: [Samba] SAMBA AD VFS:Recycle bad permissions

>On 10/06/2019 06:16, Tomáš Havlín via samba wrote:
>>Good morning,
>>I have tried upgrade SAMBA to version 4.10.4 and my error still exists. New created file has mask limited perrmisions if VFS:recycle module is activated for share. If module is off, rights for new files works corectly. I have it on 3 servers with Samba 4.10 and 4.9, one server withj 4.8 works properly.
>There were changes made to the VFS ABI with the release of Samba 4.9.0, perhaps it is these that are causing your problem ?
>It might help if you post your smb.conf.
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