[Samba] AD across sites

Praveen Ghimire PGhimire at sundata.com.au
Thu Jun 6 11:00:45 UTC 2019

Hi Guys,

Just need some guidance regarding AD across sites. We have two sites, siteA and siteB. Until about a month ago both sites were running NT4 domains, separate domains but with the same names, let's say thedomain. We classicupgrades siteA to AD and now need to migrate siteB to AD.

The sites are connected with a WAN link

We think ,the steps involved will be the following

-          Leave the NT4 server in siteB unchanged

-          Create user accounts for usres in siteB in AD

-          Add a new server (server, Ubuntu 18.04) in siteB. Point it's resolv.conf (nameserver and domain) to AD DC in siteA, let's say serverA.thedomain.ad

-          Join the  serverB to the AD domain, server.thedomain.AD

-          Option A: Join the old NT4 server to the AD domain as a file server. Change the file and folder permission to AD users and groups

-          OptionB: Copy the data from NT4 server to the serverB.thedomain.ad and change the file and folder permissions

-          In siteB, Drop the existing client machines from the old NT4 domain

-          Point the DNS in the client machines to the IP of the server.thedomain.ad

-          Join the client machines to the AD

The questions

-          What will happen when an AD server is introduced to a network with NT4 domain. I suspect nothing will happen as the NT4 domain is different to AD even though they might have similar first name

-          How easy will it be change the file and folder permissions?

-          Any other suggestions?

Praveen Ghimire

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