[Samba] SAMBA AD VFS:Recycle bad permissions

Tomáš Havlín thavlin at spel.cz
Thu Jun 6 08:56:56 UTC 2019

Hello dancers,
I upgraded SAMBA to version 4.9 in three little companies. Then we have 
found an error with permissions, on shared discs where is VFS:recycle 
enabled, new created folders seem to be ok, but new files are writable 
only from owner. Getfacl gets back mask r-- so effective rights are 
changed. Shared discs without VFS:recycle work fine, and if I disable 
VFS:recycle on shared folders, where it is active, permissions are 
working again fine. I have one SAMBA server with version 4.8 where 
VFS:recyle is enabled too, and everything is working well. Two of 4.9 
servers have XFS filesystem, one has EXT4. Before upgrade I used samba 
4.8 and before 4.6. and I had no problem with VFS:recycle and permisions 
until today.

best regards

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