[Samba] How to fix mapping Administrator to root

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jun 5 08:42:39 UTC 2019

On 05/06/2019 09:26, adam_xu at adagene.com.cn wrote:
> Hi Rowland,
> English is not my native language.It seems that the communication between us 
> was a misunderstanding. what I want is just 
> "IGNORE the 'share' tab, do not touch it, forget it is there."
> Thank you for your patience.
No problem, I sort of thought this was the case ;-)

To be clear:

Check the 'share' tab, if you see 'Everyone', you do not need to change 
anything in this tab (I have never needed to change anything and now do 
not bother clicking on the tab)

The only tab where you need to make changes is the 'security' tab


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