[Samba] Password failure with xscreensaver when using winbind

admins aixtema admins at aixtema.de
Tue Jun 4 14:27:35 UTC 2019

since some weeks i have a strange bug / problem at our gentoo linux clients

sometimes the user is unable to unlock the xscreensaver via pam / 
winbindd if i restart the winbindd, the unlock works.

winbindd log

it makes no diffrence witch of our ad/dcs respond to the client.

net ads info
LDAP server name: 1 or 2 or 3 (our rodc)

around 40 days ago "16:00:32 up 37 days, 20:17" exact time :)
i upgraded our AD/DC to net-fs/samba-4.10.2 since then i have this 
feature :(
Clients have net-fs/samba-4.8.4

nothing changed in smb.conf at server or client side

an updatet test client with net-fs/samba-4.10.2 dont have the problems
(cant upgrade all clients at moment, cause not full testet envoirment, 
but its comming soon)

what i tryed:
leave / join the domain
winbind use default domain = Yes / No

what works:
restart client
restart winbindd

does anyone have an idea or is this maybe an incompatibility with the 
samba versions?

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