[Samba] retrieve machine password in current Samba?

Howard Wang hao.wang at citrix.com
Tue Jul 30 17:16:55 UTC 2019

Hi, James and Andrew:

I have similar problem with the long password. I need to provide the
password string to the net command "changesecretpw", as seen in the

echo "${PASSWORD}" | net -f -i changesecretpw

which works fine for the old clear-text short password, but not anymore for
the long password of Samba 4.5.

Is there anyway I can do pass in the long password to "changesecretpw"

James:  please confirm in your case, you used the tdbdump output and
un-escape it, and it worked for wicd-cli command?

Thank you both in advance.  Any advice is very much appreciated.


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