[Samba] replication stuck?

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Tue Jul 23 09:00:05 UTC 2019

Am 23.07.19 um 10:08 schrieb Rowland penny via samba:

>>> Why is your account name (sAMAccountName) different from the hostname ?
>> He is hitting the "renamed" pc bug.

see!? ;-)

>> I mailed it privatly to test the check4named.sh script.
> I gave up on that script, there is absolutely no way to tell where the
> rename was done.

ah, ok ...

>>>> It's 2 DCs with samba-4.9.11, Debian 9.9
>>> Why are you using a version that hasn't been released yet in
>>> production ?
>> What do you mean with this?
>> There is nothing wrong as far i know with 4.9.11 on Debian 9(.9)
>> Or im i missing things here.
> No, I had a senior moment, I read it as 4.11.0, must get some new
> glasses LOL


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