[Samba] Can't find machine account

Robert A Wooldridge bob.wooldridge at edm-inc.com
Thu Jul 18 16:38:23 UTC 2019

On 07/18/2019 11:32 AM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> Hurrah and this part is easy ;-)
> You are starting the wrong binary, you need to start 'samba-ad-dc' , 
> you may have to unmask it though.
Yippee, that worked!  I was able to unmask (systemctl unmask 
samba-ad-dc) and samba started.  wbinfo --ping-dc returns the new DC!  
Also get correct groups and users with wbinfo -g, wbinfo -u!

Now I hope I can finally get rid of that Server 2003 machine.

Is anyone working on getting that patch into the Debian python package?

Bob Wooldridge
EDM Incorporated

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