[Samba] messy replication

Adam Weremczuk adamw at matrixscience.com
Thu Jul 18 11:17:40 UTC 2019

On 18/07/19 11:42, Rowland penny via samba wrote:

> Well, 'dns-dc2' is the user for Bind9 on dc2, so you shouldn't try to 
> create it yourself.
> Easiest way will be to remove all mention of the dead DC, then use 
> 'samba_upgradedns' to upgrade to the internal dns server, then run it 
> again to upgrade to Bind9 again, this will create the required user 
> for you.
> Rowland 

I'm not sure if your advice applies.
What I'm trying to achieve is to trick dc2 to forget about dc1 so I can 
demote dc2.
Dc1 is not dead, I want it live and well!
I'm trying to kill dc2 and make dc1 also forget about it.
Makes sense?

The entire record ldbedit (on dc2) complains about:

# record 4032
dn: CN=dns-dc1,CN=Users,DC=example,DC=co,DC=uk
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: user
cn: dns-dc1
description: DNS Service Account for skippy
instanceType: 4
whenCreated: 20130810204304.0Z
whenChanged: 20130810204304.0Z
uSNCreated: 3228
name: dns-dc1
objectGUID: 5daf1211-78c3-45a0-a1c6-ec490451ef71
userAccountControl: 512
codePage: 0
countryCode: 0
pwdLastSet: 130206409840000000
primaryGroupID: 513
objectSid: S-1-5-21-156202952-582183142-927750060-1186
accountExpires: 9223372036854775807
sAMAccountName: dns-dc1
sAMAccountType: 805306368
servicePrincipalName: DNS/dc1.example.co.uk
objectCategory: CN=Person,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=example,DC=co,DC
isCriticalSystemObject: TRUE
uSNChanged: 3372
distinguishedName: CN=dns-dc1,CN=Users,DC=example,DC=co,DC=uk

All I did was replacing dc1 with dc2.

I need to be careful with switching DNS etc.
Both dc1 and dc2 currently own all FSMO roles and I already have some 
problems because of that.


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