[Samba] Syncing Sysvol

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Jul 17 06:47:06 UTC 2019

> That's exactly what I'm proposing. Instead of running a cron job, you'd run this script like a daemon. It would continuously read the output of a "smbclient -c '... notify ...'" process, and when it is notified of a change, then you would sync that changed file.
I think the easiest way to do this, would be to create a script on the 
PDC Emulator to watch for changes in Sysvol and then send them to each 
DC, rather than getting each DC to watch the PDC Emulator. If you stop 
and think about it, I am sure you will agree this is a better idea 
because what would happen if you have multiple DC's and they all try to 
update Sysvol at the same time ?
> If you look back at my reply to Joachim's original post, you'll see that this is what I was suggesting; except I wanted to implement it in Python using libsmbclient, rather than in a shell script:

I don't think it matters what the script is written in, just as long as 
it does the job.


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