[Samba] streams_xattr & streams_depot

Todd Thorson casatech19 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 22:00:16 UTC 2019

A couple of questions about the above:
1. In their respective man pages, both refer to "NTFS alternate data streams”, however they are not limited to just NTFS ADS are they?  Other file systems may also use ADS (such as Mac OS’s various fs)
2. What is the essential differences and similarities between the two?  From the man pages it appears that:
	- xattr has default prefix (which can be changed) - does depot have default prefix or free-form?
	- xattr stores data in posix extended attributes - can depot store the same?
	- depot stores data in files in separate directory - where does xattr store its data?
3. depot is marked as “experimental” however my QNAP NAS uses it in its production OS (vfs objects =  shadow_copy2 catia fruit qnap_macea streams_depot aio_pthread).  Why is it still experimental?
4. Would there be any issues with files to/from my Mac clients to separate NASs - one the QNAP, the other using the recommended fruit parameters (vfs objects = catia fruit xattr)


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