[Samba] DNS not working, samba not listening on port 53

Joachim Lindenberg samba at lindenberg.one
Sat Jul 13 19:42:57 UTC 2019

I joined a DC, but the DC does not listen on port 53. When I do a  netstat
-a -n -p |grep 53, I can tell that systemd-resolv listens on,
but nobody is listening on or as I´d expect
(and is the case on my previous DCs except of course the IP address

Don´t know if that matters: I forgot to specify an upstream resolver during
join, but added that later on in smb.conf. 

The new DC is on ubuntu 18.04.2 and running Samba 4.10.5 of Louis.

Everything else I tried works: sysvol is available, RSAT tools work.

What can be the root cause?

Thanks, Joachim


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