[Samba] Update on Debian/Ubuntu packages.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jul 11 12:33:54 UTC 2019

I got some messages about the new package, so i desided to post a bit info here why its taking longer. 
I was in the process of publishing new, but since Debian Buster changed to Stable, i stopped that and i started to update my packages. 
Base on the latest Samba on Debian, i do this with every Debian Release. 
Currently i'm progress with the 4.9 and and my latest 4.10 for Debian, when these are done im updating the Ubuntu packages. 
So be patient, these are coming. 
And what is coming, what is the difference. 
Im re-syncing my settings with latest Debian settings to stay close to the original Debian packages. 
This is based on Debian Sid's samba 4.9.11 
The difference. 
Debian Sid Samba, does not have spotlight support enabled.
LvB Packages, will have this enabled and my packages use a bit newer versions of talloc tevent tdb ldb cmocka and the wrappers. 
Where i can reuse some from needed in samba 4.9 also in 4.10, that saves me time for next builds. 
And note, this will not affect your current running samba! 
This is done everytime. 
Just be patient, you all have good packages already running so no worries. ;-) 

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