[Samba] Samba4 Internal DNS and pfSense DNS Resolver

Leonardo Yanes Batista informatico at alficsa.co.cu
Wed Jul 10 17:38:41 UTC 2019

I have implemented a small local network. I use pfSense as Firewall and Gateway, I have all my servers inside a DMZ, except the domain controllers that are on the LAN. 







WAN: x.x.x.x 


In my local network, I have 2 domain controllers with SAMBA4, I would like to find out how to configure SAMBA4 so that all the DNS requests that my clients make to the domain controller ... and that record is not found in the DNS records of the domain controller, then look for them in the DNS resolver service of pfSense. 

For example ... I configure my clients in windows to use them as DNS servers and (Domain Controllers) 

In the SAMBA4 DNS, I do NOT have a created record called xmpp.domain.tld, in the DNS resolver of pfSense, I have a created record called xmpp.domain.tld and it points to an address in my DMZ. How could I achieve that when my client from the LAN makes a request to xmpp.domain.tld, SAMBA4 direct that request to pfSense and respond with the IP assigned to it? 

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