[Samba] DNC and DNS

Robert A Wooldridge bob.wooldridge at edm-inc.com
Fri Jul 5 19:23:54 UTC 2019

On 07/05/2019 02:11 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> On 05/07/2019 20:03, Robert A Wooldridge via samba wrote:
>> On 07/05/2019 01:55 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>>> I currently run tinydns and dnscache on my proxy machine.  I was 
>>> hoping to keep that going.  I have a Windows Server2004 doing DC 
>>> work right now.  Need to update that.
>>>> -- 
>>>> Bob Wooldridge
>>> You can run a caching nameserver that forwards your AD dns zones to 
>>> your AD DC, but you can only use the Samba internal dns server or 
>>> Bind9 with a Samba AD DC. This is because the dns server must be 
>>> able to update the records in AD and they are the only two that can.
>> Can you point me to some document that explains how caching would 
>> work with samba's dns in the manor you are suggesting?
>> -- 
>> Bob Wooldridge
> We do not have anything in the wiki, but I have been working on 
> something to add, see the attached file.
> It is a bit rough around the edges (I haven't finished it yet), but it 
> has had minimal testing and is based upon information supplied by 
> someone who has been doing this for some years.
What advantage is there in having a cache with samba?

Bob Wooldridge

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