[Samba] samba share

Tom kleyoneo at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 1 14:33:53 UTC 2019


I've an error about a samba share.

On a samba domain member, there is 3 shares. The first two are ok, but 
the third gives an error when I want to connect to it in Windows :

Samba.log :
Connect path is '/data/services/' for service [services]
[2019/07/01 15:30:00.335684,  3] 
   user DOMAIN\user connection to services denied due to share security 

Share directory is /data/services (owner = root / group = "Domain Users").

Sharing is called [services] in my smb.conf

If I change the name of share and the name of directory ([sharedir] and 
/data/sharedir for example), everything is working properly. But if I 
called it [services] it doesn't work.

So what does it mean ? Is 'Services' a reserved name ?! o^O

Thanks ;-)

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