[Samba] GPO / Sysvol problems

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Jan 23 17:17:33 UTC 2019

So, some updates. 
I started that email a couple of hours ago - but suddenly, without changing a thing, the test client/station is suddenly now getting the correct GPO details.

Yet, I've not synced the sysvol or done anything to change or update the GPO on either DC.

See inline...

RPvs> On Wed, 23 Jan 2019 08:40:55 -0800
RPvs> Gregory Sloop via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

>> So, I'm seeing some very odd behavior.
>> I may have multiple issues - so I'm simply starting holding the
>> thread of the problem and working my way back.

>> So, the root symptom I'm having is that a GPO isn't applying
>> correctly. [Roaming profiles namely.] I have two DC's. I change the
>> GPO on one DC and rsync the update to the other DC. I can see that
>> the files get updated.

RPvs> How are you setting the GPO ? by computer or user ?
RPvs> Are you modifying either of the two default policies, or creating a new
RPvs> policy ?

I've got some policies that are computer based and some user based. [Roaming profiles is a computer policy.]
I'm creating new policies/GPO's.

>> Yet when I login to the domain from a test Windows workstation, it's
>> not seeing the updated GPO data. [I'm changing the directory where
>> the roaming profiles are to be stored.]

RPvs> Where are the roaming policies stored /

The GPO is stored on the Samba DC's. [Your terminology is super vague, IMO. I'm not sure if you're asking where the GPO (the actual "policy") is, or if you're asking where the roaming profile for the computer/user is stored. I'm not at all sure what a "roaming policy" is supposed to be.

I'll follow this up with a new message - because while this latency in GPO/policy application/availability is a problem, I've now run into a problem that's been cropping up and I'm lost as how to deal with it.

RPvs> Rowland

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